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Thursday 30 March 6.30 pm


800/2000m (2000m Handicap start, ACTVAC Perry Series)

Judges:  Edna Dundas (c), Matt Griggs, Jane Bates

Starter: Jeff Hunt


Please note: If you are unable to judge this week, please let Robin Whyte know ASAP as we have a club member attempting a record and three judges are required.


Winter Walks 2017

Saturday 8 April (Pointscore no 1)

Venue: Molonglo Reach (below RMC near Boat Shed / Toilets)

Time / Distance:      1.30 pm 8k (2k Course)

2.00 pm 4k (2k Course)

2.00 pm 2k (1k Course)

2.00 pm 1k (1k Course)

Race Director     Tim Burns

Judges                Tim Burns (Chief), Phillipa Hargrave

Timekeepers       Jeff Hunt, Greg Fraser

Afternoon Tea     Kate Black (may have tea box??)

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