ACT Walking News – 13th July 17

Staggered Starts 15 July 2017 6 & 12k

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all having a great week, not long now til Friday!

Walks Info is as follows:

Saturday 15 July

Venue:  Lake Ginninderra, Diddams Close  Point score 12

Note: 12 km Staggered starters from 1.00 pm (staggers spreadsheet attached)


1.00pm   12km (2km course)

2.00pm   6km ( 2km course)

2km (1km course)

1km (1km course)

Race Director   Matt Griggs

Judges              Renee Cassell  (Chief),  Matt Griggs

Timekeepers     Phil Essam, Bryan Thomas

Afternoon Tea   Bryan Thomas



Saturday 22 July

Venue:  Weston Park (car park, first right after you enter the park) Non Point score
Racewalking Australia Postal Challenge, please note walkers not competing in the postal challenge can choose any event.

Note: Change in time from the program for the the 10km and 8km


1.30pm   10 km (2.5 km course) Open, Under 20, Masters M35/W35+

8km  (2 km course)  under 18

2.00pm     5km ( 2.5km course) under 16 B/G

3km (1.5km course) under 14 B/G

2km (2km course) under 12 B/G

1.5km (1.5km course) under 10 B/G


Race Director   Phil Essam

Judges              Peter Boden (Chief), Edna Dundas, Phil Reading, Dave Mackenzie

Timekeepers     Geoff Barker, Derek Robinson

Afternoon Tea   Derek Robinson

See you all on Saturday at Lake G!

Happy Walking



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