ACT Walking Club News – 4th May 17

Hi Everyone


Hope you are enjoying all the beautiful Autumn colours on display, it’s a great time of year to be out and about walking!


Walks info for this week and next week is as follows:


Saturday 6 May (Point score No 4)


Venue: Yerrabi Pond, Gungahlin Town Park

Time / Distance:      1.00 pm 10 k (2 km course)(Staggered Starts)

10k Staggered Starts 6 May 2017Elphick, Jayden1.00pmEssam, Phil1.00pmChesterton, Val1.00pmButler, Warren1.00pmFitzgerald, Doug1.00pmBarker, Geoff1.00pmGilchrist, Rod1.05pmBates, Jane1.05pmShort, Monika1.10pmThomas, Bryan1.10pmParker, Bob1.10pmSaunders, Mick1.10pmWhyte, Robin1.15pmBlack, Kate1.15pmDurr, Greg1.20pmStaunton Jugovic, Ann1.20pmHunt, Gabby1.30pmDurr, Ally1.30pmBurns, Callum1.30pmGriggs, Matt1.30pmBaker, Mitchell1.30pmRayson, Ian1.30pmFraser, Tim1.30pmFrew, Connor1.30pmReading, Brendon1.30pm

2.00 pm 4k (2 km course)

2km (1k course)

1km (1 km course)

Race Director      Mick Saunders

Judges                 Edna Dundas (chief) Tim Burns

Timekeepers       Mick Saunders, Robyn Saunders

Afternoon Tea     Robyn Saunders



Saturday 13 May (Point score No 5)


Venue: Lennox Gardens (near toilet block side of the park)

Time / Distance:    1.00 pm 8 km (2km course)(Staggered Starts)

2.00 pm 4km (2km course)

2km (1km course)

1km (1km course)

Race Director     Tim Burns

Judges               Mark Worrall (chief) Phillipa Hargrave

Timekeepers      Tim Burns and Jacqui or Greg Fraser

Afternoon Tea    Jacqui Fraser


Club news


It’s not long now til the LBG carnival,  this year  the event will be held at Stromlo Park, entry forms are up on the club website and also attached to this email.  Entries close on the 20 May.


In the coming weeks the committee  will be asking for volunteers to assist on the day, without your support we are unable to run this event.


This year we have made several  changes to assist in easing the workload such as electronic timing, change of venue and more toilets.  A list of volunteer positions will be send out soon and I thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide the club.


Congratulations to Robin Whyte who was awarded Male Masters Athlete of the Year at the North Canberra Gungahlin Awards night last night.


Remember if you have any news to share or know of someone who has achieved something special big or small, please email me,  the feedback on club news has been very positive from everyone in the club.


I wont’ be there on Saturday as I need help cheer on the Swans to hopefully their first win of the season.  Happy walking everyone!





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