2016/17 Canberra Summer Racewalking Programme

2016-2017 ACTW Program


ACT Race & Fitness Walking Club Inc

2016 -2017 Summer Race Program

During the summer months, events catering for both race walkers and fitness walkers, will be conducted on a Thursday evening, generally starting at 6.30 pm.


Primarily these will be at the Woden Athletic Track, however six (6) meets will be held at the AIS Athletics Track due to the lack of facilities for some other athletic events.


The walks are for ACT Walkers, ACT Veterans Athletic Club and Athletics ACT members. Walks held at Athletics ACT Summer Series competitions are not judged.


The Club is fortunate to have a number of qualified non competing walk judges who are willing to judge on a regular basis, however competing members may be rostered. PLEASE CHECK THE ROSTER and should you be unable to undertake your duty please arrange a swap and advise the Race Secretary.


Competing members rostered will be given four (4) points in both the handicap and fastest time pointscore competitions on a maximum of two occasions.



LONG DISTANCE – combined womens & mens handicap pointscore; separate womens & mens fastest times pointscore. SHORT DISTANCE – combined girls & boys handicap and fastest time pointscore. Race walkers and fitness walkers are eligible.


POINTS are awarded as follows: 1st = 7, 2nd = 5, 3rd = 4, 4th = 3, all other finishers get 2 points. Non finishers get 1 (except in fastest time pointscore). 4 points are awarded in both competitions to competing members on walk judge duties.


POINTSCORE AWARDS to be presented are generally dependant on the number of competitors in each category; 8 or more 1st, 2nd, 3rd; 5 to 7 1st, 2nd; less than 5 first only. However, the Race Secretary may use his discretion. The best ten (10) event results only will be used to determine the winners in each category.


The CLUB PERPETUAL AWARDS are presented at the summer presentations to the following; Female Race Walkers of the Year, Male Race Walker of the Year, Fitness Walker Award, and Most Improved Race Walker Award.


To be considered for these awards a person must have competed in club competitions on at least ten (10) occasions during the combined 2016 winter season & 2016/2017 summer season, though Committee may use its discretion. Members are encouraged to submit nominations to the Race Secretary for consideration.


AGE for ACT Walkers Club Championships & Racewalking Australia events (except those combined with Athletics Australia events) is age on the day; for Athletics Australia & Athletics ACT Championships age is as at 31 December in the year of competition.
For membership or further information: www.actwalkers.com.au  or Robin Whyte, Race Secretary: Mobile 0414279639. Email: robinwhyte42@bigpond.com
Sunday September 25  O’Connor Ridge 9.00am NO 4k/8k ACTVAC Run/Walk   Handicap
Thursday October 6 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES   1 1000m/3000m Phil Essam[C] Phillipa Hargrave Tim Burns
Thursday October 13  AIS BELCONNEN 6.30pm YES   2 1200m/2000m Phil Reading[C] Phillipa Hargrave Jeff Hunt Geof Barker
Thurs October  20  WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES   3 1000m/3000m/5000m 3000m Handicap Start (ACTVAC Perry Series)            5000m < 30 mins Doug Fitzgerald[C] Phil Reading Tim Burns Starters Jeff Hunt Sam Manning
Sunday October 23       Ainslie Woodlands 9.00am NO 3.5/7k ACTVAC Run/Walk   Handicap
Thurs October  27 No Track & Field due to World Masters Championships in Perth
Thurs November 3
Thursday November 10  WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.15pm NO Open Events 1200/3000/5000/10000m.

Incorporating: AACT U20/Senior 10000m Race Walk Championships.

ACT Walkers U20 / Senior 10000m Race Walk Championships; Open Fitness Walk Championships.

 ACTVAC 10000m Race Walk Championships.

Tim Burns[C] Phil Reading Jane Bates David Mackenzie Posting Board Greg Fraser Lap Scorers Jeff Hunt Sam Manning
Thursday November 17   AIS BELCONNEN 6.30pm YES 4 800/2000m 2000m Handicap Start  (ACTVAC Perry Series) Jeff Hunt[C] Phil Reading Marilyn Banfield
Thursday November 24 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES   5 1000/3000m ACT Walkers – U14/U16/U18/U20/Senior 3000m Race Walk & Open Fitness Walk Championships. Doug Fitzgerald[C] Ann Staunton Jugovic Robin Whyte
Saturday November 19 Weston Park 1.00pm   7 x 1k Relay Xmas Relay, Winter Presentations & Lunch (Club to provide soft drink,  sweets), all to bring a plate to share.
Sunday November 27  Weston Park 8.30am NO 3/6k ACTVAC Run/Walk Handicap.
Thursday December 1 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES    6 1500m (Handicap Start) (ACTVAC Perry Series) Phil Reading[C] Phillipa Hargrave Starter Phillipa Hargrave
Fri-Sun December 2-5  Canberra   NO 3000/5000/10000m Australian All Schools Championships.
Thursday December 8 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.00pm YES   7 800/2000m   David Mackenzie[C]    Tim Burns Val Chesterton
Sunday December 11 Melbourne   NO 50k & Invitation Events. Australian Road Walking Championship.
Thursday December 15 AIS BELCONNEN 6.30pm YES    8 1000/5000m ACT Walkers – U16/U18/U20/Senior 5000m Race Walk & Open Fitness Walk Championships; 1000m U10/U12 Championships. Mark Worrall[C] Marilyn Banfield  Jeff Hunt Phil Reading Posting Board Sam Manning
Thursday December 22 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.00pm 6.30pm NO 2000m Turkey Hcp        8x100m Relay   Phillipa Hargrave[C] Tim Burns Jeff Hunt
Thursday January 19 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES   9 1000/3000/5000m 3000m Handicap Start (ACTVAC Perry Series)            5000m < 30 mins Lisa Colquhoun[C] Phillipa Hargrave Jeff Hunt Starter Sam Manning
Wednesday January 25 AIS BELCONNEN


6.30pm YES   10 1200/2000m NOTE CHANGE  OF DAY – Wednesday Mark Worrall[C] Geoff Barker Tim Burns
Sunday January 29   Campbell Park Loop 8.30am NO 3 / 6k ACTVAC Run/Walk  Handicap
Thursday February 2 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES 11 700/1500m ACTVAC 1500m Race Walk Championships. ACT Walkers U12/U14 1500m Race Walk Championships; U10 700m Race Walk Chps Rod Gilchrist[C] Jane Bates Doug Fitzgerald
Thursday February 9 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES 12 1000/3000/5000m 5000m>30 mins Val Chesterton[C] Helena Bialecki Phillipa Hargrave
Thursday February 16 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm NO 800/2000m Robin Whyte[C] Ann Staunton Jugovic Phil Reading
Friday February 17 AIS BELCONNEN 6.45pm    Check-In by 6.15pm NO AACT Race Walk Championships –                     U14/ U16 3000m;   U18/U20/Senior 5000m.                                    Lisa Colquhoun[C] Mark Worrall Jeff Hunt Phil Essam Tim Burns Posting Board Sam Manning Judges Runners Ella & Harry Hargrave
Sunday February 19  Adelaide SA   NO 20k plus other events Oceania & Australian 20k Championships  
Thursday February 23      AIS BELCONNEN 6.30pm YES   13 1000/3000m Phil Reading[C] Edna Dundas Marilyn Banfield
Sunday February 26 Central Curtin 8.30am NO 3 / 6.3k ACTVAC Run/Walk  Handicap
Thursday March 2 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.00pm YES   14 1200/2000m NOTE EARLY START 6.00 pm Mark Worrall[C] Phil Reading Tim Burns
Sunday March 5 Coburg Melbourne 8.00am NO 6 Hour Run / Walk    
Thursday March 9 AIS BELCONNEN 6.40pm YES   15 1500m (Handicap Start) (ACTVAC Perry Series)  NOTE LATER START 6.40 pm Phil Reading[C] Marilyn Banfield Phillipa Hargrave Starter  Jeff Hunt
Thursday March 16 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES   16 1000/5000m ACTVAC 5000m Race Walk Championships. DavidMackenzie[C] Doug Fitzgerald Jeff Hunt Tim Burns
Thursday March 23 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES    16 800/2000m 2000m Handicap Start  (ACTVAC Perry Series) Jane Bates[C] Mark Worrall Phil Essam Starter Sam Manning
Sunday March 26   Stromlo Forest Park 9.00am NO 4 / 8k ACTVAC Run/Walk Handicap
Thursday March 30 WODEN PARK ATHLETICS FIELD 6.30pm YES    17 1000/3000m   Edna Dundas[C] Matt Griggs David Mackenzie
Sun 26 March  – Sun 2 April   NO U14/U15/U16 3000m U17/U18 5000m              U20/Open 10000m Australian Athletics Championships.  
Sat 1 – Sun2 April Churches Centre Barton ACT     Canberra Two Day Walk Choice 5k to Marathon – walk one day or two.  
Sat-Sun April 22/23  Coburg Melbourne  10.00am NO 24 Hour Run / Walk Incorporating Racewalking Australia 100k Championship.  
Sat 22 March – Sun 23 March Sydney NO U13 Australian Little Athletics Championships
Sunday April 30 Majura 9.00am NO 5 / 10K ACTVAC Run/Walk  Handicap
Sat – Tue   June   9 – 12 Darwin   NO 1500m /5000m /10k Australian Masters Athletics Championships.